HUFT collaborates with Shivan and Narresh

After having grown rapidly to establish a pan-India presence, Heads Up For Tails has now entered into a collaborative venture with a resort wear brand to expand its portfolio of products for pets

At times it’s just a small incident that sparks off a big idea – as has been in the case of Rashi Sanon Narang, the founder of Heads Up For Tails (HUFT). “In 2007, a little puppy came into my life. In my quest to find my newest family member some good quality treats and toys, I looked at nearly all the pet stores in India and was disappointed with what I found. That’s when the idea struck that there may be more pet parents like me who wanted access to good quality pet merchandise. A year later, after loads of research, HUFT was born.” The brand started out with a kiosk at Delhi’s Select Citywalk and the response it received further prompted Narang to expand in tune with the growing consumer base.

Then, after witnessing a brief halt in operations, HUFT has now grown to be a pan-India brand with almost 30 stores and an online presence retailing thousands of products. “Our aim is for more people to experience the magic of sharing one’s life with a pet but at the same time being responsible and understanding about what your pet needs.” HUFT’s recent collaboration with Shivan and Narresh, a resort wear brand, matches the transcendent love it shares with furry friends. The designer-duo’s love for canines translates into a range of accessories in the brand’s popular Leger print from the Leger Leisure series.

Profits for a Cause

A part of the proceeds will go to the HUFT Foundation to raise awareness about its campaign titled ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’, an initiative sincerely supported by both the brands, reflective of their collective passion for the cause. Talking about the collaboration, Narresh Kukreja, Creative Director, Shivan and Narresh, says, “As conscious dog parents, we have always designed collars and leashes for our rescued Indie, Matisse. Stemming from the immense love that we have for him, collaborating with HUFT was a natural progression to extend this fondness, and venture into pet’s wear. Thus, enriching our friendship with dogs, the products from the range are a gift from us to every dog parent.”

The collaboration covers all sorts of dog products – collars, leashes, harnesses, teepees, beds and jackets. The new range is fairly reasonable, ranging from Rs 350 all the way up to Rs 8,000 for the teepee tents. Pet parents are as passionate about their pet’s clothes and accessories as they are of their own. Quite early in the game, keeping in view the increasing fad for licensed merchandise for pets, HUFT started to collaborate with various designers. For instance, it has also collaborated with Alicia Souza and The Filmy Owl led by Angel Bedi in the past. The inspiration for licensed pet products has expanded beyond movies, television and sports teams and into anything that can capture the tastes, imagination and nostalgia of pet parents.