Our favorite Goan Brand Is On The Rise

Wendell Rodricks dives into brand licensing
Our favorite Goan Brand Is On The Rise


Post making the announcement of diving into brand licensing, Wendell Rodricks, the acclaimed designer and Padma Shri awardee shares his plans for the product line. 

How do you see licensing as an effective strategy for the brand Wendell Rodricks?

Brand licensing comes as a natural progression for a brand which has been there for about 30 years and has created a very unique identity positioning. It is a natural progression in terms of a brand to extend into multi-category and an actual segment. We feel it is the right time and consumers are ready for the brand. It is a designed strategy which we worked upon for two years. 

What categories are you looking to explore?

Considering this is a very large project for us, we have carefully chopped out all categories where we believe our consumers want to flaunt the Wendell Rodricks name. We’re going in for 360 degree lifestyle categories which include Wendell Home wherein we are exploring bed, bath, kitchen, lighting accessories, crockery and more. We are not going conventionally when it comes to fashion categories as all clothing will be linen. Our product portfolio also includes handbags, luggage, jewellery, footwear, watches primarily.

We are also looking to extend the entire category range as Wendell Rodricks has a very brilliant backdrop of Goa. Through this we are exploring cafes and bistros which will help engage people into Wendell Rodricks brand experience.

What potential do you feel the Wendell Rodricks IP holds in India? How are you tapping into the consumer demand?

We believe we have the exact understanding of the current brand basket and product offerings. We have identified gaps in every category and every segment and our idea to shake hands with Bradford is to use their credentials and expertise for taking our brand across licensees.

What are your criteria on narrowing down on an IP?

We are going about this in a very unconventional way as we’re looking for brand collaborations. What we desire from our partner brands are simply expertise in product development, adaptability of manufacturing the said product and ability to handle large distribution and sales network.

Tell us more about your product line

The beauty about this brand is that it stands for minimalism. We operate on the mantra ‘Less is more’ which makes it timeless, sophisticated, wearable and feasible fashion. The whole concept of minimalism is what we promote through the brand, which has been a huge trend. The word calmness is the epicenter of our product line. All the products and designs experience around calm and peace.