Nykaa Fashion expands into athleisure category with Nykd All Day

Nykaa Fashion's lingerie and sleepwear brand, Nykd by Nykaa has expanded to launch its sub-brand Nykd All Day to offer athleisure, leisure and activewear for women.
Nykaa Fashion expands into athleisure category with Nykd All Day

Nykd by Nykaa, which is Nykaa Fashion’s lingerie and sleepwear brand, has announced the launch of a sub-brand called Nykd All Day offering athleisure, leisure and activewear for women. This expansion will help the multi-brand fashion e-commerce platform to introduce clothing that focuses on comfort and inclusivity and can seamlessly transition from at-home wear to stepping-out attire as per the dictates of the hybrid work model of today.

The collection features leggings, sports bras, tank tops, shrugs, joggers, tracks culottes, elevated basics like t-shirts and lounge pants among other styles, in clean, simple yet versatile designs that have been thoughtfully crafted with everyday super-soft fabrics, a calm colour palette and modern silhouettes with a blend of technology.

Nykd by Nykaa is now closer than ever before to catch the pulse on the growing clothing segment especially the athleisure category, while providing high-quality offering to all its consumers. The new range will be available on Nykaa.com, the Nykaa Fashion website and app as well as the Nykaa Fashion store at Ambience Mall, New Delhi. The starting price of Nykd All Day merchandise is Rs.399.

Talking about the launch, Adwaita Nayar, CEO, Nykaa Fashion and Founding Team Member, Nykaa, said, “We are excited to expand Nykd by Nykaa to include athleisure, leisure and activewear after successfully launching lingerie and sleepwear. Over the past one year as we navigate new ways of working, living and managing our hectic schedules, athleisure and activewear have now become wardrobe staples that we choose to make a style statement in. With Nykd All day, we combine high-quality athletic staples with versatile leisurewear to offer utmost comfort. We hope that Nykd All Day will deliver on both; functional and comfortable products steeped in the latest innovations in fabric and fit.”

Nykd by Nykaa debuted in October 2020 with lingerie and sleepwear. Through Nykd All Day athleisure range, the brand positively reinforces its DNA of realness and the importance of ‘Self Love’ through the tagline, Love Your Every Self.

Currently, the brand has expanded its portfolio to 235+ options offering more than 1590 SKUs across lingerie, sleepwear, athleisure, leisure and activewear categories.