Zilli's Brings New Range of Ready-To-Cook Products

The brand aims to cater to the rising demand for Ready-to-cook healthy fixes amidst the pandemic.
Zilli’s Brings New Range of Ready-To-Cook Products

Anuha Food Products Pvt. Ltd (AFPPL), a Food Processing startup, has launched an array of Ready-To-Cook products under its dehydrated gluten-free F&B brand Zilli’s. Incubated under "Atal Incubation Center ALEAP We-hub", the brand aims to cater to the rising demand for Ready-to-cook healthy fixes amidst the pandemic.

With its recently launched Dehydrated Onion Flakes and Garlic Cloves, customers can now enjoy healthy yet hassle-free cooking during the festive holiday season. Zilli’s also include other exciting range of processed foods such as Dehydrated Ginger, Red Onion powder, Tamarind, Kolkata JhalMuri Masala, Fruit Rolls, etc. that can reduce cooking time and effort.

Supported by Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, and Startup India, the brand Zilli’s is part of the company’s strategy to expand its portfolio in India’s Ready-To-Cook market while filling gaps for healthy at-home cooked food. Gluten-free and vegan in nature, Zilli’s new range of dehydrated products can help customers rustle up quick food specials. These products are the perfect blend for various dishes like Gingerbread Men Biscuits, Spiced cookies, or Mughlai Biryani, one of the popular rice-based dishes among Indian celebrations.

Zilli’s Brings New Range of Ready-To-Cook Products

Speaking about the launch, Anubhav Bhatnagar, Founder & Director, Anuha Food Products Pvt. Ltd (AFPPL), said, “In India, onion and garlic are an indispensable part of cooking, however peeling and chopping can be time-consuming. Today’s working professionals and millennials want quick yet healthy eating alternatives. Looking at the strong potential in the Ready-to-Cook segment we aim to make cooking easier and healthier with our brand Zilli’s. Our new product range, i.e. Dehydrated Onion Flakes & Garlic Cloves will ensure to reduce the cooking time with no preservatives and no loss of nutrients. Following all the necessary food protocols and guidelines from FSSAI, our products have a shelf-life of 12-18 months from the date of manufacturing.”

Working with the farmers directly, Zilli’s offer dehydrated vegetables that retain the essential minerals and vitamins. These products sustain through a longer time-period and add convenience to everyday cooking as well as exotic dishes prepared for festivities. The products are available all across India and the US through zillis' website and Amazon (India/US). Considering the price-conscious market, the brand offers products from the range of Rs 70 onwards.