SUGAR X Wonder Woman Collection Launched

Launched on International Women's Day, this collection is not only an ode to the superhero but to all the women out there.
SUGAR X Wonder Woman Collection Launched

SUGAR Cosmetics, one of India's fastest-growing beauty brands, has launched its first-ever product collaboration, an invincible and super awe-inspiring SUGAR X WONDER WOMAN collection after acquiring the rights from Warner Bros. Media for a period of 1 year from the launch.

The range debuts with an impressive range of bravely-pigmented lipsticks in three charismatic finishes and two fearless mixed palettes that play up your strength and beauty like no other. Inspired by the legendary Wonder Woman, this grit-ful, spunky, and vibrant-hued limited-edition makeup collection reflects everything Wonder Woman stands for – a boon companion, a true friend, and the most trusted soul.

Coming right from the league of superheroes, this fantasy makeup collection cased in royal red, bold blue, and regal gold packaging adorned with Wonder Woman’s iconic ‘W’ Logo is the ultimate beacon of oomph and will empower women to create fierce beauty looks that let them rule the universe while looking perfectly wonderful!

SUGAR X Wonder Woman Collection Launched

Launched on International Women’s Day, this collection is not only an ode to the superhero but to all the women out there. The brand is also running a digital initiative with 8000+ influencers to celebrate every woman and encourages them to embrace themselves, just the way they are by embracing the scars, the struggles, the defeats, and the wins; because everything she is, is everything she is meant to be.

Speaking about the new collaboration, Vineeta Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics, said, “We are extremely excited with how our first-ever product collaboration line has turned out. SUGAR as a brand caters to strong, independent millennial women. This Women’s Day, we want to celebrate these women for who they are and for everything they’ve been through to become what they are today. This collection is for all those strong and fearless women! As SUGAR rapidly scales towards expansion, we hope that this wonderful collection will play a vital role in increasing our consumer base and help us scale our retail footprint from 10,000 stores to 40,000 stores before this year ends. I truly hope this collection is as loved and appreciated by all the women out there because they truly deserve the best, and that is what we’ve aimed for with SUGAR X WONDERWOMAN.”

SUGAR X Wonder Woman Collection Launched

Amrita Shinde, Head of Brand Marketing, SUGAR Cosmetics, added, “SUGAR X WONDER WOMAN Product Collaboration launch couldn’t have been done at a better time than now. The past year - 2020 has brought out the never-seen-before tenacity & vigor to strive harder, beating any difficult situation. The proof of this has been the SUGAR team and customers who together led the brand to increased revenue, even beyond pre-COVID levels. The intention of this collaboration was to showcase beauty meeting power and the limited-edition SUGAR X WONDER WOMAN collection is a tribute to every woman out there who is their own wonder woman!”

The collection will be available on SUGAR's website & all SUGAR exclusive stores and kiosks across the country, through the year until March 2022.